About Us

Twisted Carnival Studios creates episodes, short films, and movies viewable on almost every platform. Furthermore we also create paranormal mobile apps for the Android platform.

In addition to media creation, Twisted Carnival Studios brings unique content to a variety of platforms. As a result many enjoy the creative productions from Twisted Carnival Studios.

Mississippi Paranormal Investigator Gene Hamil

Gene Hamil: Owner

Gene Hamil is a self taught network administrator, photographer, graphic desiner, actor, director, and videographer who got his start in the technology field in 1995.

While obtaining unique skill sets, Gene has worked with many celebrities over the years in creating media platforms. Because of this he was able to create fresh ideas for various stories and characters. As a result, in 2014, he created Twisted Carnival Studios as as way to organize his creative content and provide a platform for others.

David Childers: Operations Executive

David Childers is co-founder of Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute. Being featured in popular newspapers, TV stations, and radio, he is known as a local celebrity in his own right.

As a result of working as a paranormal investigator, David prides himself with being on Ghost Adventures, Deep South Paranormal, Ghost Asylum, Ghost Stories, and many more.

David is also an actor who has starred in several short films and full featured movies including The Documentary of OzBo and Ringmaster.

By delivering stunning performances in several Twisted Carnival episodes and movies, David delivers his unique talents at stunning levels of performance.