Para Box System 1

Para Box System 1

Para Box is a powerful tool for professional paranormal investigators in ITC (Instrumental Trans- communication) research and easy enough for the beginner to use. Proven and tested by real paranormal investigators and shown in action on several paranormal shows, Para Box has proven itself time and time again at increasing the chances of obtaining real EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon). With beta testing out of the way Para Box is finally ready for everyone to use.


Para Box is a real time unique amplified light and sound system created by real paranormal investigators that creates a bed of random lights and noises to increase the chance of obtaining a real EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). Para Box is not a toy. It is for serious professional paranormal investigators and those who are wanting to seriously become one.


Ability to choose the type of paranormal entity you wish to communicate with through light pattern selection

Adjustment for the speed at which light patterns are shown

6 Banks of random audio

Random audio speed is automatically set to what works best in the field reducing unneeded audio controls

The famous Shepard Tone is played, when audio is on, to help increase chances of EVP while energizing an area

Options to turn audio on or off

Mic input to allow paranormal entities to communicate easier

Built in clock to allow time for paranormal entities to communicate

New EVP Silencer Module

Easy to use interface

Built in detailed tutorial so you can start using the app faster


Q: Why does the app not have the ability to record audio?
A: We are looking at this feature for a possible release at a later date.

Q: Why does the app not have adjustment controls for the random noises?
A: After testing different apps and our own it was determined that it was simply not necessary. Having a lot of options that are just not needed adds additional unneeded confusion to some people. We adjusted the settings to the audio that we found worked best in the field. Keep in mind we tested this app on hundreds of investigations.

Q: What if a spirit does not speak english? Does the app detect language?
A: You will have to verify from your external audio recorder if you obtained an EVP. If you believe you have obtained an EVP and that the EVP is a different language you can try to translate it using Google. Keep in mind that if audio is turned on and you hear a phrase or a sentence we are not saying you obtained an EVP. We are saying you may have obtained an EVP and that it is up to you to decide.

Q: I live in a different country that speaks english but the accent of the words I have heard through the app are not my country’s accent. What gives?
A: As stated in the THEORY above, pre-recorded noises and words are played at random. It is believed that paranormal entites can construct phrases and sentences and use the mic input.

Q: I hear an echo when something comes from the mic input. Is this a digital effect?
A: If it is it was not done intentional. We have heard reports that an echo is heard and reports from those who say that they don’t.

Q: I installed this app and it has issues on my device. Can I get a refund?
A: We have tested the app on many devices and released the final version once we had all the bugs worked out. It is more than likely an issue with your device. We recommend that you use the app on a newer device. We apologize but we cannot give a refund when we are not sure if it is your device or our program.

Q: I purchased the app and have a question about it, I have an idea to improve your app, or I found an error. Can I contact you?
A: Yes but please remember, if your quesiton has already been answered on this page or in the Tutorial section of the app we will refer you to those sources. We are not being rude, just trying to cut down on unneeded replies.

Q: I have used this app for awhile and have not obtained any EVPs. What gives?
A: Paranormal evidence is not always received on paranormal investigations. Do deer hunters always shoot a deer when hunting? Most don’t even see one. When performing a real paranormal investigation patience is key along with the area that you are investigating in.

Q: Another paranormal investigator got alot of evidence from an area but when I went to it and used your app I got nothing. What gives?
A: There can be alot of factors that may be in play. One it could be the timing in which the other investigator did his/her investigation. It could be that the paranormal entity has moved on. What ever the factor is it is not the app’s faught. Think of it like deer hunting. Person A sees a deer in a particular area. Person B goes to that same area but does not see one. As you can see many factors can be at play.