Film Submission Screamer Plan

Screamer Plan

Thank you for your interest in showing your video on Twisted Carnival Studios.  Please view on a desktop or laptop. Come back to this page in order to see the submission form.

Screamer Plan

Thank you for submitting your video to Twisted Carnival Studios. Once we have everything ready for your video campaign, your video will appear under our new arrivals section and we will promote the professional flyer on our social media pages. Please allow up to 24 hours for notice.


Before submitting your video make sure you have met the following requirements.

Your video must be designed as a short film lasting between 5 minutes to 2 hours long. Home movies are poor quality videos will not be accepted. If your video does not meet this requirement and you have already paid we will refund %80 of the purchase price.

You must have ownership rights of the video you are submitting for consideration.

Upon submitting your video to us you agree that it does not violate any copy rights.

Your video must be hosted on Youtube and set to public or unlisted viewing.

Videos must be in HD format when hosted on Youtube.

Artwork must be designed at 72 DPI and at least 700px height jpg format for use in flyer development.  This is optional.


To get your order started make sure your video meets the above requirements. After ordering make sure to record your PayPal Order number. This number is used when submitting your video to us. Please allow up to 24 hours for notice.