Film Submission

Film Submission

Twisted Carnival Studios is always looking to partner with creatives. Bring additional exposure to your film. We offer two plans to help you.

All new films, that are selected, are uploaded to our New Arrivals section on our main page.

Our Screamer Plan allows you to add your video to our site guaranteed. We design a flyer for it and advertise it on our social media platforms linking to your video on our site. We send you the professionally designed flyer so that you can advertise your creation as well on social media. We design a smart banner that advertises through out our website linking it to where your video is. Those who have our Android app installed are notified of new arrivals weekly. We also advertise your trailer on our video player (at random) before and/or after each selected Film starts. All ad campaigns run for 1 week. You get all of this for a one time fee of $39.99 If you would like to re-run your advertising campaign you pay only $29.99.

If our Screamer Plan is not right for you at this time, try out our Free Plan. We get a lot of submissions for our Free Plan so there is no guarantee if we will accept it or not. If we do we will add it to our site and on the front page in our New Arrivals section. We will advertise it on our Social Media platform for one week. After the advertising campaign ends your video will still be indexed and view-able in our site. If you would like for us to advertise your film after the free one week campaign simply choose our Booster Package.


Features Free Plan Screamer Plan
Video on Site Yes Yes
Flyer Design -- Yes
Social Media Advertising Yes Yes
Smart Banner Advertising -- Yes
In App Advertising -- Yes
Price Free $39.99


Screamer Plan

Your submission is guaranteed to appear on our site. Plus we will advertise it for you for one week!

Free Plan

Submit your film today! We will notify you, usually in less than 24 hours, if the submission is chosen.

Booster Package

Restart your ad-campaign or start a new one all for $29.99.

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