Special Deal: OzBo - Twisted Carnival

Special Deal: Stream OzBo for Free

*03/29/2018: Unfortunately time has expired on this offer.  Please click here to rent. 

Now you can enjoy Twisted Carnival Studios horror movie classic: The Documentary of OzBo for Free for a limited time!  Simply click the button below and type _____ when prompted for a password.  Enjoy the movie!

The Documentary of OzBo takes you on a journey about a team of paranormal investigators hired by a museum to prove or disprove the legends of an evil clown named OzBo. When the investigation proves some of the legends to be true only a couple of the investigators escape the horror of OzBo himself. These survivors are interviewed in this documentary to inform you of their feelings of what happened during that investigation, thoughts, and more.

Length: 1hr 46min
Contains: vulgar language, horror themes

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